The Pit Pass Returns in 2024

I am very happy to announce that the NASCAR Xfinity Series finally has a name… The Pit Pass!

The Show that started my broadcasting career before I had a Broadcasting career. This show started when I was a Freshmen in College trying to get my Radio Broadcasting Lab hour requirements done. I had to complete two hours every week in the studio but did not have any assignments, so I started recording a NASCAR show in the radio studio and after a few weeks of talking to myself, the show was picked up on my college radio station and we enjoyed 4 wonder years on the air in Los Angeles. The show then evolved into Shifting Gears as we know it now.

Fast forward 10 years, and someone sent me a DM with the idea to call the new NASCAR Xfinity Series show ‘Pit Pass’ and we had our name. I had almost forgotten about the name until someone sent the DM. I always said The Pit Pass would return in someway to the air before I retired from being on Mic and here we are! This doesn’t mean I’m retiring anytime soon, but I’m very happy to once again be hosting The Pit Pass, Your Personal Pass to everything NASCAR!

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