March 2023 Update!


It’s me, Alan Bailey. I’m so excited to relaunch the new website with some old projects, new projects and a place for everything I’m working on in one place. We’ll have a bunch of new content on the website in the weeks and months to come. A few announcements in the near future. And a some new projects coming soon. I am still working on a few book projects, my goal is to get one of the books done in 2023 and have the second book out sometime in early 2024.

The first book is the true story of what happened to my wife in 2020/2021 with her transplant and recovery. The goal of this book at the time was for me to have an outlet with everything I was dealing with personally. It turned into so much more and now has become a lifeline to anyone in the same boat as us. My goal is to help one person, just one person with this book. If we’re able to do that, it’s worth it. I think we’ll be able to that and then some and can’t wait to share this part of my story and soul with you.

The second book I am currently working on is part one of at least 3 books series if not more. I can’t say more at this time, but this story has been in my head for years and I am finally getting it out and down on paper and it feels amazing. I am still looking for a publisher at this time.

The YouTube channel isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it just shifted to more iRacing content and the Twitch channel is back again with live streams twice a week. If I may borrow it from Corey Lajoie, we’re Stackin Pennies at this point with iRacing, but we’re getting somewhere and I hope that you can come along for the ride. We did pick up Dubby to help with the program and they are a big part of the iRacing Career at this point, but we always have room for more!

Shifting Gears might go to weekly with a single topic and Sunday night shows might be coming to an end due to lack of free time and poor numbers. What do you think? Let me know. Still thinking about this one.

The Alan Battles YouTube channel is coming back with my wife. She is looking forward to getting on mic again with me and gaming. Still looking for a few games to try on the channel with her, any ideas? Let me know.

Orange Show Speedway’s 2023 season just started, and I’m so excited to be back for my 5th season on mic at the Speedway in San Bernardino, CA. ARN is always busy and the 2023 season is just starting.

Thank you so much for checking this site out and supporting me. It means the world to me. Even as life starts to shift a little for my wife and I, your support keeps us going and helps to support us in a lifechanging way. So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you and God Bless.


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