2024 Irwindale

July 2024 Update

How is the first half of 2024 already in the books?

It has been a wild, crazy year already. Firstly, Thank YOU for all the support, it’s greatly appreciated.


In case you didn’t see, I have joined the team at LowBudget.TV for the 2024 season! I’ve had blast with Tommy & Jeffery at LBTV so far in 2024. All the broadcast at Orange Show Speedway have been amazing so far, I can’t wait to see how the 2024 track championship ends up, a ton of really good drivers race in San Bernadino. I was also blessed to be asked to fill in at Irwindale Speedway again in 2024 with my good friend Bob Vincent. I loved working with everyone at Irwindale again, Tim and this team are an amazing group and I’m so proud to be given the chance to work with them again, we had a blast! Can’t wait for the second half of the season!


The main channel saw a few big changes in 2024. We expanded to more than just NASCAR content by adding some IndyCar coverage at Long Beach. We had a blast and are very happy with the coverage on the channel. However, we noticed that the subscribers did not enjoy the IndyCar and other motorsports content so we have refocused on NASCAR content and will keep doing so for the rest of 2024 with more of a single topic per video instead of the weekly motorsports recap. Diecast Download is finally coming back this month, production on the first video in this new series is underway and we hope to post it soon. We moved all of the gaming content over to the new Team Chaos channel. We haven’t met our video upload goals so far on the Team Chaos channel.

Team Chaos

We started out our first season by winning the 2024 NiS Daytona 500 in our very first start with the team! We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the first season. Since then, it’s been a little…. enraging. You name the issue, we’ve had it in our Team Chaos Chevy this season. The good news is that our cars have been very fast thanks to Overton Speed Shop. When the cars are this good, I know we’ll be back in victory lane very soon. On top of the full 2024 NiS season, we are also adding a few special events to our 2024 schedule. Announcements soon. On top of our schedule expanding, we are currently taking applications to Team Chaos for the 2025 season and hope to sign a few drivers before the end of the season.

Alan Battles

My wife and I are relaunching the Alan Battles Channel with gaming and nerdy content including Pokemon and Anime/Animation. We already have a few videos ready to go and should be launching within the next few months.

My Wife

As many of you know, my wife has had many health issues since she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Liver Cancer at Age 15. She was given less than 6 months to live, and that was 20 years ago this December. Thanks in part to two Liver transplants, one kidney transplant and countless amazing doctors along the way, she is still here. She really is a walking Miracle and I love her very much. She is taking about re-starting her knitting YouTube Channel and selling her hand made, custom merch but isn’t sure if it will sell. I think it will because good products will always sell. Help prove me right later this fall?


In personal news, the radio station I work for in Los Angeles shifted me to part time in February 2024. Simply put, the Radio Industry isn’t as strong as it once was. I am very blessed to still have a job with the company, but after 10 years with the station, I am looking for new full time employment. I am not upset at anyone, just disappointed with the current state of the industry and wish everyone the best. Without a full time income, my wife and I have been struggling with the high cost of living in Southern California and her medical bills. I am not asking for money, I am just being honest about my current situation, stress and overall mental health. This is the main reason content has been lower than we would like so far in 2024. We never want to put out bad content and put everything we have into this little media company that could. Simply watching videos on any of the channels helps us in a small way and the support means the world to us.


Thank you so much for all the continued support, let’s finish 2024 strong!

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